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Washer Repair FAQs

When you have lots of laundries to do and your washing machine broke, it’s a very bad news for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a top or front loading washing machine, the problems might be identical. Here are the most frequent problems and questions about washing machines.

 1. The LED signal is showing that everything is fine but the washing machine is not starting the cycle. Make sure that washing machine is getting the water. Check the water valve. If it’s open but washing machine is still not working, close the water valve and contact the Winnipeg Appliance Repair.  Let our professionals quickly determine the issue and make sure we do everything we an to make a reliable repair of your washing machine.

 2. The washing machine randomly stops in the middle of the cycle, what should you do with the wet clothes inside and how fast you can get your washing machine fixed? If your washing machine stops in the middle of the cycle that means that your machine has some serious issues. We recommend to immediately disconnect your washing machine from a power source, close the water valve, and check if there are no water leaks under the machine. Immediately call us. Our experienced technicians will quickly drain the water that left inside, determine the problem and make a complete, reliable repair at the same day.

3. What should I do if the cycle is done but the clothes is still wet?If this happens that means the washer has some serious issues in control system. Depends on the model and the year there are couple ways to repair it. You need to replace the whole control system or it could be some mechanical problem. Our team will arrive prepared to do a complete and quick repair of your washing machine.

Dryer Repair FAQs

Drying is a very important step after you wash your clothes in the washing machine. Here you will find most frequent asked questions about dryers. 

 1. What should I do when my dryer is spinning the drum, but there’s no heat? It is a very common issue that our Winnipeg Appliance Repair have to deal with. The reason why there is no hot air because the heating element might be broken or it could be the electronic component that is connected to the heater. Also, the whole system might not be getting enough power to work properly. For the fast and proper diagnostic, call the General Appliance Repair. Let our professional and experienced technicians help you to solve this problem.

 2. My dryer giving me squeaking noises while it’s working. Can I continue using my dryer in such condition? There are couple major components in a dryer such as control system and mechanical parts. The squeaking noises are mostly made by mechanical parts. To fix this issue you need to lube the mechanical parts but it will repair the problem only for the short period of time. To fully repair the dryer you need to change some moving parts. For a full diagnostic and quick quality repair please wait for a professional team.

  3. The dryer is running but the drum doesn’t spin. What might be causing the problem? How long does it take to repair it? To quickly determine and repair the issue you need professional equipment for the diagnostic. The solution might be as simple as the broken belt, but also it could be the broken control board which is not that easy to repair. Sometimes it would be no power on the control board. Let our Winnipeg Appliance Repair handle this problem for you. Our team will arrive with a van full of common parts needed to repair your dryer.

Fridge Repair FAQs

The fridge is the most important appliance in every house, and you can’t wait until tomorrow if it gets broken. And because of this, every owner wants to repair the fridge as soon as possible. Here are some most frequently asked questions that people have.

1. My fridge is warm inside but the freezer is still working just fine. You have to check what temperature setting you currently have in the fridge, also you have to check if you have any gaps between the door and the fridge itself. If the temperature setting is correct and the door is tightly closed, try to move your food to another cold place that you might have. We always arrive very fast and ready to make a quick complete diagnose and quality repair.

  2. While my fridge is working I can hear some strange noises coming from a fridge that I never heard before. The noises might be the sign of a broken frosting and defrosting system, also it could be a broken compressor. The further use of the fridge is not recommended because it could lead to more serious problems. Call our professional team via General Appliance Repair and we will determine all the issues that you might have just in one day service.

​​  3. I think that the temperature in the fridge is not low enough. To make sure that the fridge is working correctly we need to check the temperature inside by special thermometer. Then we make sure that the temperature is the same as your setting. We are not recommending use the “regular” thermometer because they are not showing the exact temperature.  Contact us in Winnipeg Area, we always have the proper and reliable professional equipment to determine all the issues you might have with your fridge. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Stove and Oven Repair FAQs

Good working stove is the main key in a kitchen, but sometimes the failure might happen. Here some most common problems that might happen.

1. The stove is working just fine but the bake function doesn’t work. How serious the issue and is it possible to get it repaired? The control board is responsible for controlling the temperature in the oven.  If the control board is broken you have to replace it. Also, you have to check the heating elements. For fast and quality diagnostic, contact our team. We can repair your stove just in a one day service.

2. Why one or couple heating elements on a stove and range are not working? It could be a couple reasons for that. First of all, the problem might be in the heating element itself, you have to check if it functions properly. Our General Appliance Repair has highly qualified technicians who will check the switch and voltages. Leave this problem for us, our technicians have all the professional tools which are needed for a reliable and quick service.

3. How long will it take to repair my oven or stove? Our technicians make compete diagnostic and repair just in the same day service.

Dishwasher Repair FAQs

Cooking can be creative, but cleaning up afterward seems like a waste of time. The dishwasher is a great helper in the kitchen which takes care of doing the dishes for you. Here are some FAQs to ensure that you are properly informed.

1. The dishwasher does not clean the dishes good enough and leaves it with food leftovers. Make sure that the dishes are correctly placed inside.  The plates are not too close to each other and the water flow can reach all spots on dirty dishes. Also, the problem might be the old water pipes that could cause the dirty water and bad pressure for the water flow. Even if you correctly place the plates inside and you are still getting the issues with dirty dishes after the cycle, contact professional and trained team. We will find and repair all the issues that you might have with your dishwasher. We do this job quickly and efficiently. 

2. While the dishwasher is working you can hear some strange noises that you never heard before. The cause of the noises might be the water circulating system. All of the parts of this system have to be repaired by a professional with correct tools. Our technicians in  General Appliance Repair are always ready to help you repair your appliances. We do the reliable and professional repair.

3. Can I try to repair minor problems by myself? In most cases to fix the dishwasher, you need to take it out of the cabinet. It’s not the easy thing to do and need special knowledge. Call us, we will repair all the problems you have with your dishwasher.

Range Hood Repair FAQs

While cooking food on a stove it’s necessary to keep the air clean, and range hood are here to help you with it. Here are the most asked questions that customers have about the range hoods.

1. My range hood does not suck the air in, how serious is the issue and how fast I can get it fixed? Each appliance needs special knowledge and tools to diagnose the problem and fix  it. If range hood does not work, it means that there might be a problem in a power circuit or a fan. A very common problem might be the motor fan which you have to check while the power is off. Trust us and our technician team, we will repair it for you and save your time.

  2. Should I repair the repair Range Hood by myself or call a professional? It depends on your skills. If it is a simple repair such as replacing the light, it is possible. However, if it is something more like replacing motor or switch,  the best way is to call a professional.

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