Why does a washing machine leave clothes wet after each cycle?

Why does a washing machine leave clothes wet after each cycle? The washing machine works fine but leaves clothes wet. People who want to fix their washing machine often have this question. From the experience of our workers at Appliance Repair Proline Expert in Winnipeg this is the most common issue with washing machines. Occasionally advanced electrical details and trained specialists are needed for this job however sometimes it is possible to do a simple maintenance by hand. Reading the instruction manual and following the simple steps as stated in the manual is the way to maintain your machine at home.

Problem #1 Clogged drain filter and Washing Machine with a Bad Odor. A filter exists in many models of a washing machine. The purpose of the filter is to catch the little items that got into the wash with the rest of the clothing and prevent them from entering the sewerage. Pet owners who wash their pets’ items in the washing machine often have problems with a dirty filter. If you have a pet in the house, you should pay attention to the filter in your washing machine. The filter gets easily dirty from the animal fur and this causes issues with the quality of the washing cycles. The workers at Proline who specialize in washing machines often retrieve coins, screws or hairclips from the filter, this is what causes a problem with the pumping out of the water from the washing machine. Is it possible to clean the filter yourself? In some models of washing machines, the filter is in an accessible place however other models have a filter in a spot that makes it difficult to clean it yourself even having the appropriate tools and knowledge. If your washing machine leaves clothes damp the reason may be a clogged filter. The owner can clean the filter by himself if the model of the washing machine has a free access to the filter or call a professional for quick service.

Problem #2 Broken Drain Pump.This motor is usually right next to the filter and can get damaged if the filter collects items like nails or hairclips. Manufacturers of washing machines recommend a replacement of a Drain Pump even if it continues to work after the cleaning of the filter. Damage from metal objects that get jammed in the Pump make the device unsuitable for further use or water leaks from under washer . Metal objects that enter the pump in a process of a cycle cause damage to the pump and limit the durability and reliability of this device. If it is possible to clean a clogged filter yourself, it is impossible to change the pump. If the Pump is installed incorrectly the water from the washing machine will seep through and cause damage to your floor. Besides the work involved in the repair and replacement of the Pump, specific instruments, knowledge and ability are needed for this repair. It is essential to call a professional for the maintenance of the Pump.

Problem #3 User of the washing machine did not set the washing mode correctly.This reason happens quite rarely but still does come across. Modern washing machines have an electronic panel for manual control. The user has the ability to set the washing process by hand (change the water temperature and the amount of clothing, also to set a higher level of wringing or make it minimal or turn it off all together). Turning off the wringing cycle completely can be the cause of why clothes come out damp after the washing cycle.

Problem #4 Broken door lock.The door lock is a semi manual and semi electrical part. If this device has mechanical damage, this may be the cause of why the washing machine does not entirely complete its functions. Check for damage on the door lock by inspecting the inside and closing and opening the door of the washing machine. If you notice any mechanical damage the lock needs to be replaced. If the mechanics of the lock look good, then electrical inspection may be needed. Appropriate tools and skills are needed for the inspection of the electrical aspect of the door lock. It is recommended to call a specialist who can quickly check all parts of the washing machine and provide quality care.

There are many other reasons as to why the washing machine may leave clothes damp after the washing cycle. We have described some of the most common reasons that our specialists have come across. To avoid problems with a washing machine it is necessary to keep an eye on the items that you put into the washing machine (check pockets for coins or screws) and occasionally check the filter even if there seems to be no issues.

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